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Logo Design

Logo Design

I know you have a cousin that will design you a logo using MS Paint. Please, please don't. Your logo is the symbol of your company. Hire me to help you look like the professional you are.

Web Design

Web Design

Online, your website is your first impression. I build custom WordPress websites that are designed to impress your potential customers.

WordPress Consulting

WordPress Consulting

If you have an existing WordPress site (that I didn't build), and all you need is some guidance on how to make it look nice, update some content, or do other stuff? I'm available on an hourly rate to consult.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

Woohoo! You have a nice looking site for your business, but don't have time to manage it yourself. I'm available on a retainer basis to keep your site up to date, and make requested changes.

About Me

Sean David - Web Designer

Hi There

I’m a creative person. I love designing logos and websites. I’m easily distracted by digital design. When I’m out and about, I pay attention to signs and promotions I see, and appreciate the creativity and work that went into great design.

When I was a kid I would draw myself into my own world. I took commercial art classes in high school, but somewhere around that time depression started taking form. Staying focused became difficult due to depression and suicidal ideation, and eventually I quit art all together because I worried my art had become too dark.

If you wonder why I have that half-skull for a logo, it’s because I feel it represents my personality and creative side the best. I designed an alternate logo, that I think would work best if I wanted to pretend I’m Mr. Professional Digital Designer Guy. But, I feel everyone should be free to show who they are and be loved for that.

Sean David
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What I Love About Design

Everyday is a new challenge. I love getting to know someone else’s vision and helping them bring that to life. If someone doesn’t have a vision, it’s fun getting to know them and their business and then turning that into art in the form of a logo or a website.

I believe when your customers see your logo or website, they should see media that represents you. After all, that is what your customers are purchasing… right?

Web Design
Logo Design
WordPress Maintenance
WordPress Consulting



Frequently Asked Questions

Believe it or not, that is most often the case. When I start working with you, I have an initial consultation to learn more about you, your personality, your business, and your ideal client. From there I like to find out what you NEED from a website.

I use that information to give me direction to get started. Once I begin, I like to meet with you about once a week to make sure it is going in the direction YOU like

If you want to try that I fully support it. I do recommend you learn about design, color schemes, user experience, font pairings, etc…

However, if you do it yourself and feel a little lost in the weeds or need some input on what you could do better, don’t know HOW to do something, etc… I’m available for consultation at a rate of $150 an hour.

Maybe. If you tell me what your budget is, I can tell you what I can do for that amount. I have learned from experience not to drop my rate for a website.

As much as every web designer would love to build a site that stays perfect forever, that’s just never the case. A website is like a new haircut. It’s perfect right after the cut, but eventually gets a little wild over time.

Things that happen:

  1. You have content on your site you want changed
  2. Plugins do updates
  3. WordPress does updates
  4. Themes do updates
  5. Gremlins

Eventually, from various software updating, Gremlins, or changes you made… something quits working and the site crashes. The benefit to you of having me on a maintenance retainer is I keep the software on the site up to date, I can make requested changes, and if something goes wrong with the site I’m there to help.

There are online courses focused on teaching you how to build a website. I’ve seen them for as low as $10 when there’s a sale.

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